Potential Relay Wiring Diagram

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Potential Relay Wiring Diagram

Posted by Bresson Alexandrine on Monday, 7 October, 2019 16:56:53

This article covers the theory and operation of potential starting relays. The article that will appear in the Aug. 7 issue will cover potential relay ratings and specifications along with systematic troubleshooting.

• Instructions and wiring diagram included in each relay. ITEM NO. DESCRIPTION CONTINUOUS COIL VOLTAGE MIN. MAX. DROP-OUT MAX capacitor and potential relay are enclosed within hermetically-sealed aluminum housing (protecting it from harsh environments). No relay wire.

The potential relay is normally closed and it OPENS when a sufficient PICKUP voltage is present between the 5 and 2 terminals on the relay. This pickup voltage is potential (voltage) that exists in the start winding when a motor gets above about 75% running speed and it is GENERATED in the start winding by the motor itself NOT the capacitor.

Zettler Controls' 3ARR Series potential relays offer control solutions for compressor motors. A wide selection of configurations are available with various terminal and mounting combinations. These relays assist in the control of air conditioning, heating or refrigeration system compressor motors which utilize start capacitors.

potential relay service kit a must on every service truck. Features: • Genuine MARS relays replace thousands of O.E.M. models • Non-Positional • Wide range of selectivity • QC-6 Kit included with each relay to convert screw-on to push-on • Instructions and wiring diagram included in each relay • Universal break-off bracket on each

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