Ic Circuit Diagram

LDR Switch Relay Circuit

Ic Circuit Diagram

Posted by Brallier Adelise on Sunday, 6 October, 2019 16:13:19

The circuit inside the 555 is just an amplifier with 2 inputs and an output. The parts you add to the chip determine the final result (effect). In most cases you add a capacitor and resistor to produce a circuit known as a TIME DELAY CIRCUIT and the chip has a detection-pin and an amplifier (also called a power amplifier) to product an output.

Integrated circuits are the little black "chips", found all over embedded electronics. An IC is a collection of electronic components -- resistors , transistors , capacitors , etc. -- all stuffed into a tiny chip, and connected together to achieve a common goal.

Before building IC 4060 circuits, it's imperative to learn regarding the basic set up connections specified with the chip. The initial set-up wiring of the IC has been comprehensively explained in this article. Once the explained fundamental configuration is made, the IC can be implemented to function in many different forms, like an oscillator, clock generator, timer etc.


This is the third part of our Circuits e-book series. It contains a further 100 circuits. This time we have concentrated on circuits containing one or more IC's. It's amazing what you can do with transistors but when Integrated Circuits came along, the whole field of electronics exploded.

LC Meter Circuit using 555 Timer: The LC meter circuit shown here will measure the value of a reactive element like capacitor or an inductor. This circuit is designed using 555 timer IC. Frequency Counter Circuit: This project shows a frequency measuring circuit. The two 555 timers are operated in two modes.